Marcelo Barbero 1952

Flamenco guitar built by the legendary guitar luthier Marcelo Barbero (1904-1956).

It is a privilege and a great satisfaction for us to be able to share this type of guitar with our valued clients, since we have a special admiration and devotion for Marcelo Barbero guitar.

Barber is without a doubt one of the greatest and most important luthiers of the 20th century. He worked for the widow of Santos Hernández (Matilde Ruíz) in the construction of the guitars that Santos left unfinished before his premature death in the year 1943, making use of the tools and the workshop that he had located on Calle aduana 23 , from Madrid. The condition of this Guitar is impressive, it only has a superficial crack in the soundboard and a small crack in the bottom perfectly repaired by a professional restorer.

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