Manuel Reyes 1989

This guitar has been made by the renowned Cordoba’s flamenco guitar maker Manuel Reyes in 1989.

This luthier is considered one of the best flamenco guitar makers of all times. Artists such as Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Antonio Rey and Paco Serrano, among others, use his guitars regularly. He is, without any doubt, one of the best luthiers in the history of flamenco-guitar’s, at the height of great masters such as Marcelo Barbero, Arcángel Fernández, Miguel Rodríguez and the mythical Santos Hernández. The character of the sound of their guitars, their flamenco nuances and the soul that enclose their instruments are characteristics difficult to explain. In the case of this guitar, we can affirm that, in our personal opinion it is the best guitar of Manuel Reyes that has passed through our hands until today.

The state of conservation of the guitar is fantastic, staying in its original state, without repairs or modifications of any kind.

Luthier: Manuel Reyes.
Year: 1989
Harmonic cover: German fir pine
Back and sides: Spanish Royal Cypress
Scale: 655 mm.
Height at 6th string in 12th fret: 3 mm.
Height on 6th string at Saddle: 9 mm.
Fingerboard width 53mm.
Width between strings at saddler 57mm

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